/ Color Weiss

Schrammel 2.0, Color Weiss 21


A pétillant natural produced according to the ancestrale method. The wine tastes very pure & fruity, slightly sour and reminiscent of cider. Due to the mild carbonic acid, the long yeast storage and the low alcohol content, the white Pet-Nat is very refreshing and has a nice drinkable flow.



The fermented grape must is poured into the bottle in autumn in order to complete the fermentation process there in peace. In addition to the alcohol, this process also produces the desired carbonic acid. In the winter months, we let the tartar in the bottle neck fall out by exposing the wine to the cool temperatures in a headstand. Then the wine is disgorged `dirty` in order to remove the tartar, but to preserve the cloudy substances. The resulting loss is topped up with a mash-fermented still wine.



riesling_o.de.r_vitovsk / AT

A crispy petnat made of Grüner Veltliner from Weinviertel area in Lower Austria. The right thing for hot summer days with a fancy mouthfeeling.


reduktivt / DK

Bubbly Grüner Veltliner as its best!