/ Alternativ Weiss

Schrammel 2.0, Alternativ Weiss 21


Grüner Veltliner 2.0! The long contact with the high proportion of sediment during fermentation creates a unique tannin structure. Once opened, the wine reveals its aromatic and creamy style. The nicely balanced acidity leaves a refreshing aftertaste on the palate.



Our wine production produces powerful essences with an above-average proportion of sediment. The batches of different harvest times (acid in the early harvests │ structure in the late harvests) are fermented individually in glass balloons. After the fermentation process is complete and the solids settled, the naturally cloudy young wine is drawn off and combined in steel tanks for further maturation.


Flaskevis / DK

Young hands on old vines and a light white wine in a heavy black bottle. The natural and simple is the core of their approach, and their juicy Grüner Veltliner breaks loose with ripe apples, pears, a little banana and jojoba as well as lightly ground and herbal notes. Spontaneous yeast on large glass balloons and filled cloudy, unfiltered and unsulphurized.


marcel.de.cocq / NL

The wine has a hazy straw-yellow color and interesting subdued aromas of slightly under ripe somewhat dried cider-ish apples, some pear, fresh yeast and lemon peel with underlying nuances of nectarine zest, fennel, honey comb, fresh grapes and some wet sand. The concentrated palate is dry with fresh brief tarty acidity of the fruit from the nose, a tiny lively fizz, and a leesy creamy mouthfeel with some hints of woody earthiness and toast that end with a touch of bitterness and present tones of yeast in the finish.