#Natural #Raw #Artisan



There is currently no generally valid rule than a uniform definition of terms. Therefore we decided to use our name to vouch for the observance of the unwritten laws.


We have the greatest respect for nature and treat it accordingly. When cultivating our vineyards, we work organically and wherever possible by hand. All measures are aimed at a sustainable harvest of healthy grapes with a maximum number of natural yeasts.


We do not use any additives in the production of our wines and fill them naturally cloudy. Common to our wines is a clear tannin structure, which is accelerated by maceration and mostly oxidative aging. The resulting, mouth-filling texture in combination with fresh acidity and earthy fruit makes the wines excellent companions in modern cuisine.


We supply selected companies who share our mindset and are happy to tell our story, as well as people who are looking for a taste experience.



Nicole & Daniel Schrammel