/ Alternativ Orange

Schrammel 2.0, Alternativ Orange 21


Grüner Veltliner, by far the most important white wine variety in Austria, prepared like only red grapes. The result is a new facet of the grape variety: structure and tannins that you would normally only expect in red wines, but with the freshness and fruitiness of white grapes. Both in acidity and in tannins, the wine has a fresh aroma of green tea. On the palate you can find a nice combination of citrus fruit and herbs.



The mash contact lasted four weeks and the resulting wine was then used without pressing the grapes. The further expansion took place in steel tanks for about a year. The bottle was deliberately filled to be very cloudy in order to preserve the valuable ingredients and to keep the wine's original character.


vinofili / DK

Medium-powered nose with delicious and harmonious scents of mango puré, gooseberry compote, green asparagus, freshly mowed lawn, tangerine, sweet kimchi and buttered sage. The palate is extremely creamy with a medium acidity and no tannins at all. Lots of gooseberry, warming white pepper and tangerine in the finish. A super delicious treat, and great first vintage from the couple. Great future ahead!


naturalwinedealers / AT

Peppery, complex and rustic with notes of mandarine, mirabelle plums, white pepper and pear! Delicious!