/ Color Rose

Schrammel 2.0, Color Rose 21


A pétillant natural produced according to the ancestrale method. The wine tastes very pure & fruity, slightly sour and reminiscent of cider. Due to the mild carbonic acid, the long yeast storage and the low alcohol content, the red Pet-Nat is very refreshing and has a nice drinkable flow.



The fermented grape must of the Zweigelt and Grüner Veltliner varieties is bottled in autumn. After the fermentation process has ended, we let the tartar fall out of the bottle neck during the winter months by exposing the wine to the cool outside temperatures. Then the wine is disgorged `dirty` in order to remove the tartar, but to preserve the cloudy substances. The resulting loss leads to the fusion of the two varieties: The acidity of the white wine combines with the structure of the red wine.


romek.ma.wino / PL

I really like blend of red and white grapes. In the nose cherries (with stones), raspberries, strawberries and a little bit of yeastiness, but just a bit. Often in this type of wine yeast aromas are more noticeable. As a result, the bouquet of this wine is very focused on fruits. Tastes like red fruits such as cherries, raspberries, and strawberries. It's fun, because in the aftertaste you can feel a tannins, which is rare in this kind of wine. It's very tasty wine.


pereirasjuices / SE

I had been saving this for a special occasion and so popped the bottle on Christmas Eve. This certainly was worth waiting for. A subtle yet alive Pet Nat with with the perfect level of fizz. The Schrammel vineyard delivers yet again.